"In my grandfather’s home, a unique smell reminds me of childhood memories. Singularity and beauty : touch, color, depth. My grandfather instils this knowledge in me. He worked for the finest tanneries in France. And it is only a few years later that I meet again with the uniqueness of this material whereas my grandfather passed away... "

Past feeds our mind, but we are more passionate by tomorrow ! So we looked forward and asked ourselves : why don’t we offer again what a brand should never have stopped giving you? And why don’t we do it with modernity ?

Valôme is a “Bon Sens” leather goods brand, and we hope that our products will awaken your senses ! In any case, we are so happy to offer you every day a transparent and committed leather goods that proposes you products to make you an everyday modern explorer !



The quality of raw materials and the place of confection are a first element, but offering services for our products to last is another one. « Valôme pour la vie » is a service that allows you to maintain your product in order for it to last, and to give it back to us at the end of its long life, so then we can partly recycle it or use it in another form. This will give you access to a special discount on your next purchase at Valôme. You can contact us about this directly at valomepourlavie[at]


We know it and we are not perfect : the leather industry has always been and remains a polluting one. But depending on the type of tanning process and the location of the tannery, we can really work towards a more sustainable approach. That’s why we favor French and Italian leathers with a vegetable tanning process, which means that less chemicals have been used towards more natural elements such as sweet chestnut or mimosa. That is also the reason why we choose to work with local suppliers complying with strict rules.


Exploration is our raison d’être [on utilise cette expression française en anglais]. We respect the past, but we are captivated by the future. That’s why for each product you buy, 1% will go to the Cousteau Society. It gives modern explorers the opportunity to protect our planet and the seabed for the « right of future generations ». Examples of the Cousteau Society’s work include the reforestation of Easter Island (1 400 000 trees planted), submarine explorations to study the impact of pollution, and raising public awareness. You can find out more about them here.



To be in love with simple and true things : what has been transmitted to our cofounder Harold by his grandfather who worked for the most famous French tanneries. The desire to keep outstanding craftsmanship alive with unique raw materials. Leathers we use are only full-grain ones (the part of the leather that has the best density and resistance) from French and Italian tanneries. They are tanned in accordance with ancestral techniques, and in an environmentally-friendly approach. Our canvas comes from a region in France called « Basse-Normandie » : its thickness is synonymous of durability. A raw material comes into life only with the passionate work of a craftsman. That’s why we continue to perpetuate beautiful know-how in Colombier-Saugnieu and in Bordeaux.


Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s just talk…Be confident because we place transparency at the heart of our brand. This way you know everything about the materials that compose our products, their origin, and the workshops behind them. This way you can make a real choice. And if we miss something that intrigues you, be sure that we will be available to answer you doubts at the following email address : contact[at] or by phone +33 09 72 53 27 51.